How is online learning changing education?

What do you think? How is online learning changing education? Compared to the previous years, online learning is changing education entirely the recent years. And the trend became more popular and effective while Covid-19 strike the entire world.

How is online learning changing education

Nobel Coronavirus-19 or Covid-19, an infectious disease that reached the level of the pandemic in 2020, has affected every aspect of human life. Education is no exception to that. Amid the uncertainty, the new-normal situation has compelled educational institutions worldwide to transform their traditional learning process into online learning.

This article would be focusing on the advantages, disadvantages, thoughts on how is online learning changing education and is online learning is the future of higher education?

What is online education?

Online education is not a new phenomenon. Online learning is a system of learning that is conducted over the internet, often called e-learning. It was there from the late 19th century. According to the Global Shapers Survey in 2016, 77.84% of students across the world recorded having experience in e-learning. However, it was still not that common before this pandemic.

Institutions where online learning was rare now begin to realize- it is no longer necessary to present physically in a classroom to teach and to learn.

Moreover, students grasp that they do not need to depend only on their institutions and parents; now, they can learn from anywhere from whom they want without spending a lot of money as well as crossing the geographic location. These realizations might change the course of education forever.

What are the advantages of online learning?

Online learning is less time-consuming both for the teacher and student. They can spend the time in discussions rather than traveling to go to the institution.

Online learning is easily accessible. Anyone can get access to the massive library the internet has to offer. There are now a variety of cell phone applications and computer software for learning as well as giving exams.

Online education is cost-effective. The biggest concern of the 21st century regarding everything is how people can spend less while maximizing the best outcome, including education. Parents, as well as students, want an effective education without spending much. Online learning system has offered them that.

The process has so much more to offer. Physically students can not sign up for every program they have an interest in. Online learning made it simple. Moreover, online education offers a variety of alternative programs that help them to understand better.

Online learning offers flexibility to learners. If students can learn what they want, when they want, and whatever they want, then there remains no question why online learning will be the future of education.

What are the disadvantages of online learning?

Distraction is a significant problem in online education. Sometimes, countless pieces of information create an information block where students find themselves lost.

The adjustment of online learning is unequal. Many students, as well as teachers, face hurdles in finding a workable device and proper internet connection. Online learning is cost-effective, but devices are expensive.

One of the main disadvantages of online education- the blurriness of originality. Everything is so well networked and integrated that it becomes hard for educators to find whose idea is genuine, which raises the question of the work ethics of future generations.

More Thoughts regarding online learning

As online education conducts remotely, it influences the process of socialization. We might see different types of socialization now on among students.

Excessive use of digital devices has created addiction among teenagers and children. Websites and social media are great ways to learn and communicate with the world. However, they do not represent the whole picture of reality. Students who lack empirical knowledge would face problems later in life. It is also a part of education to enlighten students about reality.

Using digital devices more led to physical and mental health issues. Which can hamper the productivity rate gradually.

We simply cannot decide whether online learning is good or bad. It would be unfair if we concretely try to find an answer. Every system comes with its drawbacks; like traditional learning, it has its limitations as well.

Online learning has encouraged students to learn more, learn limitlessly. Now, students can easily decide their learning method. Find their own learning pace.

Let not the limitations keep us from extracting the blessing of online education when everything is just one click away.

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