What is Gowmu e-learning: Take a look at this complete guide

What is Gowmu e-learning? Are you thinking about pursuing an online degree or certificate from Western Michigan University? If so, this article will provide you with a complete guide of WMU’s E-learning system to help you make the decision for your further education. 

What is Gowmu e-learning
What is Gowmu e-learning?

E-learning has been dominating the education system in every college and university since the outbreak of COVID-19. Besides, e-learning has been adopted worldwide as it was the most effective method to guarantee access to education during the pandemic. E-learning has changed the structure of the modern era of education all around the world. 

Western Michigan University is recognized as an educational institution that focuses on learner development, discovery, innovative solutions, creativity, and global engagement.

The University offers E-learning programs to its global students with the aim of providing high-quality education in a convenient and flexible manner. They also provide an E-learning web portal where students can exchange their knowledge and create innovative ideas. 

The Concept of E-learning 

E-learning or electronic learning is the training or education delivered through digital devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones with a connection to the internet.

The term ‘E-learning’ was first used in a professional context by Elliot Maisie in the year of 1999. Since then, E-learning has gained more and more traction in the education system with the rapid growth of technology. 

The revolution of E-learning happened with the invention of computers. And with easy access to smartphones and other devices over the years, the masses have been able to adopt this technology-based learning system. 

Textbooks are getting replaced with electronic materials like pen drives and lectures are recorded on online platforms with 24/7 access via the Internet.

The effects of technology-based learning are more long-lasting than traditional learning since it has been proved that lectures provided through multimedia can hold the attention of the students for a longer period.

Many organizations are using software applications to implement their E-learning strategies and to deliver the best online learning experience to their learners. 

What is Gowmu e-learning?

Western Michigan University (WMU), established in 1903, is a public institution situated in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The University has a total of five campuses that are West Campus, East Campus, Oakland Drive Campus, Parkview Campus, and College of Aviation.

The mission of WMU is to transform wisdom into action and provide leadership skills through their undergraduate, graduate, and professional certificate programs to develop future leaders who will be able to contribute to global knowledge and innovation. 

WMU is committed to creating programs that have a long-lasting impact on the students. The University accepts all the challenges while creating a unique strategic plan for their global and diverse students to provide them with a premier academic environment.

The University has designed its E-learning programs to meet the demands of working adults and to give exceptional services and assistance to assist them in obtaining their educational goals.

The E-learning portal services are developed with the engagement and contribution of all the members of the community including the students. 

The major undergraduate programs offered by WMU online education are,

  • Aviation Management and Operations
  • Comparative Religion
  • Child and Family Development 
  • Interdisciplinary Health Services
  • Nursing 
  • University Studies

The Masters of Arts online degree is available in the following programs,

  • Art Education
  • Physical Education
  • Nursing
  • Science Education
  • Coaching Sports Performance
  • Educational Leadership  
  • Educational and Instructional Technology 
  • Information Security 
  • Spirituality, Culture and Health
  • Workforce Education and Development
  • Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

WMU online education also provides professional certificates on programs like,

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Applied Hydrogeology
  • Information Security
  • Gerontology
  • Kinship Care
  • Educational and Instructional Technology
  • Low Vision Rehabilitation for Occupational Therapy
  • Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Spirituality, Culture and Health 

Standards of WMU E-learning courses 

  • All the E-learning course materials follow the WMU instructional design procedure.
  • Instructions, outcome evaluation and learning development strategies for E-learning education follow Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning.  
  • E-learning courses are modified and developed according to the pedagogical requirements.
  • Library resources, technical support options, academic support services, and assistance in adopting distance education are provided by Elearning courses. 
  • E-learning courses also provide information on contacting the faculty, their office hours as well as their response time.
  • E-learning courses comply with the Institutional policies for using third-party copyrighted material.
  • Online Students get the opportunity to self-evaluation each semester.
  • Students participating in an online course receive all the online orientation materials.
  • Student service support aims to create an interactive virtual learning and collaborative community for online students. 
  • Online students have access to the same support services as their on-campus counterparts.
  • All the study materials are available in the WMU library for students worldwide. 
  • Career development counselling, writing assistance and WMU bookstores services are available for online students.

Benefits of GoWMU Portal for E-learning

Western Michigan University has a web portal named GoWMU, launched in 2005, that provides a single entry point and comprehensive guidance to all the information and services regarding online courses.

GoWMU portal provides access to the users to explore the online learning environment. The users can enroll for their desired courses, check the student’s support services and financial aid, provide their personal information, use the email option, explore the WebCT E-learning system, users can also get access to other administrative functionalities, campus activities and utilize the communication tools. 

One of the major benefits of the GoWMU portal is that it provides easy guidance to prospective students, parents, new faculty members, and other visitors on the website which enables the University to expand its reach internationally.

The web portal provides a safe and secure login system which contributed to increasing the lead timing for course registration and allowed more students to join online courses. The transactional functions of the university are also shifted to the web portal.

GoWMU portal was designed with the consideration and input of the students to maximize its usability. Every new feature and application is reviewed by the Students, faculty, and staff before they are implemented on the portal.

The University is constantly evolving the web portal to meet the different needs of the students and conduct queries to get students’ feedbacks. 

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