Is an egyptology degree online worth it?

egyptology degree online
egyptology degree online

The egyptology degree online program aims to help students gain the requisite knowledge and understanding of ancient civilizations of the ancient world in Egypt, Persia, Turkish, Hebrew and Judaic. Online learning is used to deliver the Master of Egyptology program. Since both the academic record and life experience have been measured.

M.A Degree in Egyptology

The Master’s degree program in Art History with a specialization in Egyptian Art and Archaeology is structured to prepare students for further education or a different career path.

Regardless of the student’s preference, the curriculum will help in the development of good critical thought, analysis, and writing skills.

Students who receive an MSC in Egyptology will go on to Ph.D. programs in ancient Egyptian architecture, literature, archaeology, and language at such prestigious universities.

B.A Degree in Egyptology

The egyptology degree online program is structured to offer students a solid liberal arts base. This will provide them, including continuing to a greater degree, with a solid intellectual and experiential basis for future efforts.

Students will be challenged to achieve their full potential through detailed instruction in ancient Egyptian art, language, and history. The curriculum will allow students to develop good critical thought, analysis and writing skills. 

Importance of Egyptology Degree

  • Ancient Egypt was both an extremely fascinating and important part of human history, regarded as one of the largest and oldest-known civilizations. The Egyptology Diploma Course will take you through the different ages, sects, views, rulers, and knowledge of Egypt’s history.
  • This online course in Egyptology starts with a broad look at the past of Ancient Egypt, with an overview of how civilization has changed over time. You will pass through the times that follow:
  • The Ptolemaic Era, the Early Dynastic Period, the Old Kingdom, the First Intermediate Period, the Middle Kingdom, the Second Intermediate Period, the Middle Kingdom, the Second Intermediate Period, the Middle Kingdom, the Second Intermediate Period, the Middle Kingdom, the Second Intermediate Period, the New Kingdom, the Third Intermediate Period, the Late Period, and the Ptolemaic Period.
  • Throughout all the times of its culture, religion was at the heart of Ancient Egypt. The course explores the role of magic in culture, deities, cosmology, different forms of religion and how they have been practiced. The Ancient Egyptians’ beliefs about death and the afterlife were also highly significant to them. You’ll hear about these views, as well as what mummification was and how it was carried out.
  • Reading about kings, queens, and pharaohs is one of the best reasons to research Egyptology. The Egyptology Diploma Course walks you through the language used to describe their kings, as well as how they were treated as sacred. You will also have a look at some of Egyptian history’s most significant and prominent figures.
  • Ancient Egyptians were regarded as a highly advanced civilization with revolutionary knowledge of medicine, astronomy, electricity, agriculture and architecture for their time. This course leads you through the interpretation of each of these areas by the Ancient Egyptians.

Requirements for Egyptology Degree Online

  • Middle East studies bachelor’s degree programs can be completed entirely online. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Middle Eastern Studies or a BA in History with a focus on Middle Eastern studies, depending on the program. Students learn about the region’s culture and history, as well as current political and economic patterns. Some programs also encourage students to take Arabic courses in foreign languages. Students must meet general education standards alongside major and/or specialization courses in Middle Eastern studies. 
  • Applicants must have a high school diploma or an equivalent to enroll. Students may be expected to pass a college readiness examination at certain schools. Students will need to have access to a laptop or desktop computer running a relatively new operating system and antivirus software to achieve success in an online program. Since online coursework often involves audio lectures, getting a pair of headphones can be useful. Often, students can need to download particular software and provide an internal or external microphone for their device if the bachelor’s degree program contains a foreign language requirement.

Major Courses Associated with Egyptology Degree Online

Middle East history

This course typically starts with the advent of Islam in the seventh century and continues through the present. During the Arab hegemony, the Ottoman Empire and the position of Middle Eastern leaders in World War I, students learn about the power of the prophet Muhammad.

Community of the Arabs

Students will learn about philosophy, literature, and music in the Middle East during this course. The impacts of digital media and globalization on Middle Eastern society today can also be discussed.

The Middle East’s Sects

Students learn about Islam, Judaism and Christianity in this course, which are today’s three most popular religions in the Middle East. Students learn about the role that each plays in the current Middle East in addition to researching religious texts and important historical events.

Middle-East Governance and Defense

This course offers an overview of Middle Eastern countries’ internal politics, as well as of the inter-state relationships within the region and with external actors. A specific area of focus is on regional safety issues.

Conflict between Arabs and Jews

Students will research the Arab-Israeli concept, which is one of the most pressing political problems in the modern Middle East. They acquire the awareness of the conflict’s main events, as well as recent developments and future resolution methods.

Arabic Speaking

This course teaches students in the language of Arabic to comprehend, speak, read and write. There are also important cultural issues covered. For the completion of this course, certain technical equipment may be needed.

Career Opportunities in Egyptology

A bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern studies offers students a strong liberal arts base that can help them excel in a variety of professions.

Graduates who want to get a job specifically related to Middle Eastern studies may be able to get a job at an organization that houses Middle Eastern objects as a museum technician.

Technicians are interested in the procurement of artifacts and administrative record-keeping and may also inform visitors to the museum about the collection.

Alternatively, graduates may teach middle or high school social studies classes, which often discuss ancient Egypt and other Middle Eastern topics.

The Universities That Offer Egyptology

1. Stanford University

2. Harvard University

3. University of Pennsylvania

4. Duke University

5. University of Notre Dame

6. Vanderbilt University

You will go on to obtain a master’s degree or PhD in Egyptology after completing an egyptology degree online. You may also enrol in a graduate program in a similar area, such as history or foreign affairs, either online or on campus.

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