Things To Know If You Want To Study Biblical Languages Degree Online

A biblical languages degree online program will enable you to study the Bible’s original languages and apply what you’ve learned to ministry success. You’ll hear about discipleship, sermon planning, pastoral therapy, and Greek and Hebrew languages, among other items.

biblical languages degree online program
biblical languages degree online program

The online Master of Divinity in Biblical Languages program offers a diverse and in-depth study of the Bible’s original languages, enhancing your understanding and résumé while also providing you with valuable skills you can pass on to others.

To help spread the Gospel to all countries, the Bible has been translated from its original Greek and Hebrew. Discovering the subtle meanings behind the biblical Hebrew of the New Testament, on the other hand, is a thing of great beauty.

Liberty’s Master of Arts in Biblical Languages will help you develop the linguistics and biblical studies skills you need to dive deep into the Bible like never before.

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M.A in Biblical Languages Degree Online

The M.A. in biblical languages degree online is designed to help you acquire advanced knowledge of the original languages used in Scripture so that you can learn the Bible in greater depth.

You can use these skills to further your studies, engage in more meaningful biblical teaching, and even pursue a career in biblical translation. In addition to these advantages, Liberty’s Ph.D. in Bible Exposition will train you for future doctoral studies.

Liberty’s M.A. in Biblical Languages will help you improve language skills for ministry or biblical scholarship.

B.A in Biblical Languages Degree Online

Your biblical Greek and Hebrew skills will improve as a result of your Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Languages from Moody Bible Institute. You’ll concentrate on how the Old and New Testaments interact in the light of each other.

Learn how to translate biblical texts accurately from their original languages and receive specialized biblical interpretation training.

At Moody, you can research with seasoned professors who care about your future as you prepare to follow God wherever he leads you.

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The Goal of the Degree

  • To comprehend the fundamental material and themes of the Old and New Testaments in their historical and cultural contexts, as well as the historical and theological aspects of the Christian faith.
  • To achieve intermediate proficiency in biblical Hebrew and Greek to improve exegetical and hermeneutical skills in the original languages, as well as to learn ancient languages other than Hebrew and Greek.
  • To learn specialized skills for biblical study and writing, using original languages, and to develop a knowledge of valuable bibliographic tools, in keeping with the highest tradition of Christian scholarship.
  • To promote spiritual maturity and Christ-like character by cultivating a passion for God and his Word, as well as to realize the Christian’s ethical responsibility in church and society.
  • To gain a biblical perspective and Christian outlook on the forces that shape our society, as well as to learn how to engage them both outside and within the church.
  • To comprehend the Christian faith’s historical and theological evolution to reconcile it with global ethical and missiological issues.

Importance of Studying Biblical Languages

  • Using concordances and other exegetical methods to engage the ancient sacred Scriptures involves interacting with their original languages and studying their assumptions and connections. Making sense of the language and seeing the different interpretive possibilities found in the passage is the first step in biblical interpretation.
  • Ancient languages aren’t the only ones with vocabulary specifications. You would also be able to communicate in German and French well enough to pursue academic opportunities in these languages. To pass the doctoral thorough test, you must read these modern languages in seminars. They are as important to skilled work in the discipline as ancient languages are.
  • The English Bibles we’ve been given are amazing and dependable. Complete reliance on English translations may obstruct the careful exegesis needed in sermon planning. Without intimate knowledge of the languages, the preacher is forced to make do with the general flavor of the text, which may lead to exposition lacking the accuracy and consistency that would have been his if he knew the original languages.

Course Topics of Studying Biblical Languages Degree Online

Getting Started with Hebrew

Hebrew is traditionally a subject of credential programs in this field because it is a primary biblical language. The alphabet, verb use, grammar, and basic vocabulary are all covered in introductory Hebrew courses. Students learn the basics of reading and decoding Hebrew texts.

Old Testament Readings

Students may apply their Hebrew language knowledge to specific books of the Bible in Old Testament courses. Individuals must continue to develop their Hebrew vocabulary and translate passages in these classes. Students in Old Testament courses are often asked to interpret themes found in the scriptures, as well as the significance of those themes to the modern Christian life.

Foundational Greek Language Courses 

It covers grammar, morphology, and vocabulary are included in introductory Greek Biblical languages certificate programs. These classes could include translation and exegesis of parts of the New Testament written in Greek, or they could be used to train students for advanced Greek coursework.

New Testament Exegesis

The Biblical languages degree online certificate programs focus on the New Testament, with classes exploring the theological concepts found in its texts. Students practice reading the teachings, and these classes can also cover the cultural influences that influenced the writing of the New Testament. Students are often given extra opportunities to perform Greek translations in New Testament classes.

Earning an online degree in biblical languages provides students with a certification for work in several ministry-related positions, as well as training them for further graduate study. Ministers, priests, and other clergy members lead worship services and offer spiritual direction to members of their faith groups.

Students can receive a graduate-level certificate in biblical languages by completing nine to 18 credit hours of coursework, with fully online options available. These certificates include courses in Hebrew, Greek, and Bible books that prepare students for further graduate study or ministry.

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