Why Should I Earn Second Bachelor Degree Online?

Why Should I Earn Second Bachelor Degree Online? A bachelor’s degree is an academic undergraduate degree that typically lasts four years and requires 120 hours of credit. One of the most popular undergraduate diplomas in the United States is a bachelor’s degree.

Second Bachelor Degree Online
Second Bachelor Degree Online

There are different ways of obtaining your second bachelor’s degree. When receiving your first degree, you can take additional courses or apply for a second degree at another university.

You will be able to get credit from previously completed courses for your second bachelor’s degree if you are admitted.

When the Second Bachelor Degree Will be Fruitful for You?

1. It’s when you enter a new sector: Many online learners are planning to switch careers. You would probably need a second bachelor’s degree to make the move if you do not have the requisite background or formal education in your area of interest, especially a medical or technical field. Doing this online will allow you to advance your education while still working full time.

2. You want the expense to be kept to a minimum: To increase their earning power or chances of being working, most returning students seek their next online certification.

If you have already received a bachelor’s degree, before you even start the online program, you will probably have half of your second bachelor’s degree completed.

A large number of transfer credits from the first Bachelor’s degree would be approved by most colleges. You’re not going to need to pay for room and board, either.

The number of transfer credits for which you are eligible can vary by organization, so shop for your buck for the biggest bang.

3. You want to start your new profession quickly: Although a master’s degree program may be enticing before you can start, most of those programs require coursework or previous experience in a related area. If you complete prerequisite courses, some can waive those requirements, adding to the time and cost of completion.

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Degree Requirements

Both colleges will require you to meet new general education course standards to receive a new bachelor’s degree. Because no two colleges have similar criteria for degrees, be prepared to repeat more than the major academic portion of your degree.

In fields such as algebra, Western culture, and computer literacy, be prepared to take a variety of new general education courses.

Your initial bachelor’s degree must be from a regionally accredited college or university or for foreign students with a three-year degree to apply for a second bachelor’s degree.

The bachelor’s degree must be approved in that country by the Ministry of Education or an equivalent government ministry.

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What Are The Career Opportunities?

Earn an online second bachelor’s degree only if it is completely necessary to succeed in your chosen profession.

Some professions require a special kind of bachelor’s degree. For example, all professions requiring state or professional licensing education, nursing, accounting, health technology, and engineering require particular kinds of bachelor’s degrees to apply for professional certification.

If you were to become a Certified Public Accountant, the same will be true. You will need to obtain a new second bachelor’s in business with a formal major in accounting to apply for state licensing.

Professional licensing does not control marketing. In all kinds of fields, including English literature, history, and general liberal studies, marketers hold degrees with majors.

Since your purpose is to re-tool your resume for a marketing career, consider adding a technical marketing credential to your resume.

Usually, an online credential requires three to six new courses only. And all these courses will be concentrated on your marketing case in a single career field.

Here you have plenty of options. At the undergraduate level, Get Educated lists over 100 online certificates. And the most popular field of distance learning is business and management.

You’ll earn the equivalent of a new college major effectively by obtaining a certificate online, but you’ll do it in far less time and at a fraction of the cost.

A second choice is to explore the online marketing credential at the graduate level. The majority of marketing graduate programs do not require candidates to hold a marketing bachelor’s degree. They only need you to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

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Top Universities That Offer Second Bachelor Degree

Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences

University of South Alabama

The University of Illinois, Chicago

University of Illinois, Chicago

The Tandon School of Engineering

Advantages of Getting a Second Bachelor Degree

Allow to Pursue a New Career Path

Perhaps your time has generally been unsatisfactory, uninteresting, or not financially rewarding in your current sector. It is time to take aggressive steps towards another profession, regardless of how you have reached this stage. It can be both an exciting and challenging time.

Your years of work experience in one area would not mean much in several circumstances to an employer hiring you for a completely different line of work.

A second degree is solid, tangible evidence of your experience and devotion to the profession for your next employer.

It makes you more appealing to employers and less of a risk than a work seeker without a degree by teaching you the basic, instantly usable skills you need. It can also stop you from having to start at the bottom again and work your way up.

Stay Tuned for Success

Some degrees may become less important or obsolete over time. In terms of diminishing employment, reduced wages, stronger competition for the best jobs, or even layoffs, this can hurt you.

Find a conventional programming degree that has become obsolete, while a related specific cybersecurity degree is now in high demand. In a similar, thriving market, a second bachelor’s degree will help you deftly squeeze your way out of a shrinking region.

Helps to Get Promotion

A promotion feels amazing because it says that you have mastered your previous job and are prepared for more transparency.

But getting the promotion often moves you away from your current skills and experience, and throws you into an environment with completely new abilities. Suddenly, you are facing new challenges you are unprepared to address.

You can decide to pursue a second bachelor’s degree online to find your dream job and turn a fascination with cybersecurity into your next career route.

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