Why study online children’s ministry degree and its advantages?

Why study online children’s ministry degree? This curriculum equips you to serve the people of God, from kids through the teen years and the family unit, more than just a youth pastor degree.

online children’s ministry degree
online children’s ministry degree

The ministries of children, youth & family are an increasingly important area. Maybe you enjoyed your experience as part of a youth group or as a volunteer in your home church’s children’s ministry, and now you want the opportunity to develop and lead your ministry. Become qualified to lead a church mission with the biblical and spiritual basis and abilities.

The online children’s ministry degree will provide you with the biblical and spiritual basis you need to lead students to a mature faith. You will also be trained from day one of your career with the realistic knowledge to be an efficient minister.

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The Aim of Studying Online Children’s Ministry Degree

  • Some of the schools have established an online children’s ministry degree for children in response to a growing demand for high-quality ministry with preschoolers, children, and their families. This curriculum is intended to provide the requisite expertise, skills, and values for church staff ministers and volunteer leaders to plan church programs and ministries to reach and nurture pre-schoolers, children, and their families. The Preschool and Children’s Ministry Credential can be received on its own or as part of the degree of a Master of Christian Ministry or Master of Divinity.
  • A detailed description of the foundations of a ministry targeted at children and the family is the course. Emphasis is put on the growth, administration, and evaluation of the various aspects of leading a ministry of children and family led by Spirit. This course needs a thorough review of the relevant biblical texts and reflection on them.

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Advantages of Studying The Degree

Completing a child ministry apprenticeship will give you meaningful, real-world experience before graduation.

A comprehensive network of churches after graduation will help connect you with jobs. Every year, more churches are looking to hire our graduates than the number of students in our program, creating great job placement opportunities.

The Christian faith and academic discipline incorporation is inherent in the degree program of the Children’s Ministry. Via core courses such as Methods of Biblical Interpretation, History of Christianity, Christian Theology, Introduction to Ministry and Theological Foundations for a Christian Worldview, students obtain superior academic instruction in Bible studies.

To cultivate your faith while also equipping you to cultivate the faith of others, the courses needed for each concentration provide excellent career and ministry training.

To help children grow a passion for the Bible, the degree also incorporates theology and theological exposition. When you grow up spiritually and get leadership training, it creates a friendship with your counselor. It also helps plan and organizes international Moody children and family conferences. You will read and research family structures, ministry of disability, collaborating for spiritual growth with families.

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BSC in Children’s Ministry Degree

With your Moody Bible Institute Bachelor of Arts in Children and Family Ministry, you will learn to express the spiritual reality to children and their families.

In any background, you’ll practice serving with compassion and skill. Discover how developmental stages and the spiritual growth of a child work together and how to better minister from a solid theological base to children and their families.

You can also develop managerial skills for directing a ministry and leadership and therapy interpersonal skills. Study with professors who look after you, question you, and invest in your growth. Graduate ready to lead wherever God takes you, a children and family program.

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MSC in Children’s Ministry Degree

The MSC in the Ministry of Children and Family helps you to take the ministry to the next level. We know this ministry is a big work, so by cultivating the head, the heart, and the hands of leaders like you, we can help light the fire inside.

You will create a strong biblical base where you are, or wherever God calls you in the future, for fruitful ministry. In your church and community, this program will help you to serve children and families better. When making relations with other ministry leaders that will last a lifetime, you can gain practical information that you will immediately apply to your ministry.

The MSC in the Ministry of Children and Family will help you examine the cultural patterns impacting youth, parents, and the church while acknowledging each child and family’s uniqueness. You will not be shocked by the obstacles you face in ministry, thanks to the realistic experience you will acquire. Plus, for a lifetime of encouragement, you’ll build relationships with other ministry leaders.

Career Opportunities in Children’s Ministry

  • The aim of the courses in children’s and family ministry is to allow you to use your current ministry background to apply your learning immediately. The place for the application of learning becomes your church or ministry environment.
  • In our three-center philosophy of education, grow in your desire to be whole and holy through integrative learning: biblical and theological studies, personal and spiritual formation, and development of leadership.
  • You will become part of an increasing network of alums from Bethel’s children’s and family ministry programs to receive encouragement and friendship during your career when you graduate.
  • By cultivating your leadership ability, you will be a good member of any ministry team. By acquiring intercultural expertise, you can also lead children’s and family ministry in your church, your culture, and the global arena.

The Universities That Offer Online Children’s Ministry Degree

1. Point University 

2. Northwest University

3. Moody Bible Institute

4. Vanguard College

5. Campbell University

6. Southeastern University

The online children’s ministry degree will prepare you for service and a rewarding career if you have a passion for ministry and enjoy working with children.

Within a church or parachurch group, an uncommon combination of coursework and study in ministry, theology, education and psychology will prepare you to effectively lead and maintain a children’s ministry.

To understand human nature, child growth, family dynamics, and parental roles and obligations, you will acquire a theological and theoretical base. It illustrates comprehension of biblical concepts of holistic ministry and leadership of servants, as well as the ability to apply these values in environments of multicultural ministry.

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