Things to know if you want to study online youth ministry degree

For faith students who want to train for a career working with teenagers and pre-teens, an online youth ministry degree is a good choice.

online youth ministry degree
online youth ministry degree

It takes different approaches to address the spiritual needs of young people than to work with adults, as youth ministers and youth pastors must use curriculum and plan lessons to explore the spiritual topics that are important to young people.

Youth ministry is a major that Christian colleges and universities typically offer, and can be offered online as a stand-alone degree program or as a specialty within a wider degree program in theology, social studies, or Christian studies.

You will explore the main trends in Christianity in its history throughout your studies, and focus on the other major world religions. With a focus on young people, you will sharpen your analytical skills and practice communicating God’s message to a range of audiences.

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Major Subjects Associated with Online Youth Ministry Degree

  • Spiritual formation at the Ministry of Youth: Students learn how adolescents and pre-teens view God and the church in this course, and the big questions they have regarding faith and spirituality. To improve their understanding of God, students also learn about the steps young people take and how to guide them through their spiritual path.
  • Fundamental Preaching: This online youth ministry degree course introduces students to strategies for a simple and understandable sermon to be put together. Students learn the elements of good sermons, how to use imaginative examples to explain biblical concepts, and properly integrate scripture into the delivery of the sermon.
  • Contemporary Issues of Adolescents: Students discuss the social challenges facing today’s youth in this course, such as teen pregnancy, alcohol, and substance abuse, growing up in divorced families, grief, mental illness, and abusive marriages. Via these different topics, students learn techniques for counseling teens, drawing from biblical instruction.
  • Students are expected to complete a field experience in youth ministry or internships in several youth ministry programs. These internships may take place at churches or youth outreach centers focused on faith, camps, or non-profits that in some way integrate youth ministry. Students learn how to apply the principles they have learned during their degree program practically through these internships, and actively participate in program development, preaching and teaching, and counseling and mentoring young people.

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Main Prospective of Youth Ministry Degree

  • The Youth Ministry Emphasis is a subject for studies within the Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. This emphasis prepares students for a role in the ministry of a church, parachurch, camping, or urban youth. Students gain the ability to respond biblically and ministerially to problems in contemporary youth culture. 
  • Students can express a systematic theory of youth ministry by studying the Biblical, theological, and philosophical roots of youth ministry. This curriculum empowers students to coordinate and incorporate youth ministry instruments, strategies, and tools to fulfill their ministry callings.
  • Develop a spiritual, therapeutic, and pastoral approach to working with children and young people.
  • Act well in multi-staff churches or other ministries at an entry-level.
  • Leading and overseeing a ministry adequately for children and young people in the local church.
  • Present Scripture in a positive way to children and young people.
  • Developing educational and worship services for children and young people.
  • Establish an understanding of leadership and service expectations in a ministry environment.
  • To encourage young people to grow and mature in Christ, apply biblical theology, Christian values, and an understanding of human growth.

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Career Opportunities After Complete This Qualification

  • Understanding what the work entails and how to get started in the field can be useful for those interested in a career in youth ministry.
  • Ministers and members of the priesthood usually have at least a bachelor’s degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Services. Some religious institutions might require more specialized religious training in a seminary or at the graduate or doctorate levels, depending on the specific requirements of a church or denomination.
  • Youth ministers are required to have good public speaking and listening skills to communicate effectively with young people in public and within their congregation daily, in addition to having a comprehensive knowledge of biblical doctrine and scripture.
  • They should also have some experience with youth culture beyond those skills, like keeping up to date on developments and problems that are important to more youthful demographics.
  • Youth ministers may expect a church or religious non-profit agency to be hired, but some provide their services voluntary basis as well. They should also be ready to travel within domestic communities locally or nationally, and globally when leading mission trips.

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Online Master’s Degrees in Youth Ministry

Online master’s programs, like other online degree programs, are structured with the nontraditional student in mind. An online master’s degree in youth ministry can provide more versatility than conventional on-campus programs for students who have already graduated with a bachelor’s degree and are looking to obtain a graduate degree while continuing to fulfill family or professional obligations.

Usually available in the form of a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree, online master’s programs in youth ministry typically require 36 to 75 credit hours to be completed and, depending on the program, can take anywhere from a year and a half to two years to complete.

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Online Doctoral Degrees in Youth Ministry

Students pursuing doctoral degrees in youth ministry at the post-graduate level may obtain advanced degrees, frequently available in the form of doctoral degrees or doctoral degrees in philosophy. These advanced academic degrees are also based on specialized fields and concepts of theology.

In pursuit of this advanced-level degree, students enrolled in an online program may take four to five years of study.

Top Universities That Offer Online Youth Ministry Degree

1. Colorado Christian University

2. Regent University

3. Southern New Hampshire University

4. Saint Leo University

5. Vanguard University of Southern California

6. William Jessup University

7. Valparaiso University

In both the church and the world, the online youth ministry degree will prepare you to minister to children and adolescents. The student will engage in academic classes, practical courses, and field experiences, as well as a seminar delivered by leading youth ministers from the field, to achieve this objective.

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