A complete guide of Sierra College distance learning: Is it result-driven? 

Distance learning, also known as correspondence courses, is a mode of studying in which an individual receives instruction from an educational institution by means of correspondence, internet, computer, television, or radio. The courses are provided by colleges or universities and can serve as a supplement or as a substitute for courses taken on-campus. Now let’s take a look at the complete guide of Sierra College distance learning program.

A complete guide of Sierra College distance learning
A complete guide of Sierra College distance learning

Sierra College offers a wide variety of online courses to the students through their distance learning programs. This article will provide a complete guide to the distance learning opportunities at Sierra College and highlight the advantages of obtaining distance learning. 

In recent years, distance learning has increased in popularity and effectiveness. COVID-19 strike has forced the education system all around the world to convert traditional learning to online learning, which has made the learning process more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective.

With the emerging technologies, educational institutions are willingly embracing the advantages of distance learning. 

Sierra College has designed highly interactive online classes for busy students and working adults who wish to complete their higher education. Their online courses contain the same rigorous syllabus as the traditional on-campus education.

They also provide the students with an option of the hybrid learning process which is the combination of online courses and on-campus lectures. 

About Distance Learning of Sierra College 

Sierra College, run by the Sierra Joint Community College District, is a public community college located in Rocklin, California. The College offers more than 125 degrees and certificates and has over 800 educators with Master’s degrees and industry experience. 

Sierra College has designed its distance learning programs to allow the students to attain their academic goals through online and hybrid classes with a flexible learning schedule.

The distance learning programs provide an independent learning environment to the students where they can study according to their wishes and comfort. Sierra College has also developed an online course tool, Canvas, for the students where they receive weekly lessons, submit their assignments, and interact with the teachers and peers in a classroom setting.

Why Sierra College distance learning program?

In this complete guide of Sierra College distance learning now I will reveal that why Sierra College distance learning program? Sierra College has been in existence for quite some time now. Established in 1941, the college has seen a lot of changes over the years. The Sierra College is one of the dozens of colleges that are geared towards providing complete distance learning programs.

Most of its students are able to earn an affordable degree while working full-time jobs. One of the reasons why Sierra College has remained relevant in today’s world is because of the various degree programs they offer to their students.

Sierra College is a nationally accredited institution that offers affordable education for students who are looking forward to earning an academic degree. On average, most students are able to complete their degrees within eighteen months.

However, this is not always the case since some of them are able to complete their degrees faster while others take more time due to complicated coursework. For instance, one of the most advanced courses offered at the college is nursing which usually takes longer to complete than most other courses.

Facilities of Sierra College distance learning 

  • Students have the flexibility to choose a class schedule according to their convenience and studying pace.
  • All the online courses are affordable, highly engaging, up-to-date, convenient and designed based on the needs of the distant learners. 
  • The syllabus online classes are as meticulous and demanding as the traditional on-campus courses taught by the same expert faculty members of the College. 
  • Distance Learning provides the same opportunities for a high level of interaction and engagement as on-campus learning. 
  • Online Students can earn the same full credits through distance learning as the students from traditional classrooms. 
  • Sierra College has designed the same study materials for their online, hybrid and traditional classrooms. They make all the course materials available on their online platform, Canvas for the students.
  • To enhance the skills of the students, Sierra College also provides free tutoring service to the students with one-to-one assistance in the online learning community, Canvas on various subjects that includes mathematics, English, science, history, economics and business.

There is an excellent selection of online programs offered by Sierra College distance learning that comprises Applied Technology, Business and Innovation, Earth and Environment, Education, Language and Literature, People Culture and Society, Public Safety Health and Wellness, STEM, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Why Choose Distance Learning?

Distance Learning is not a new concept. Distance education was developed as the alternative to traditional education for the people who were not from the elite and were unable to afford the cost of educational institutions.

Earlier, distant education was delivered through phonograph, television, and radio broadcast. The Learning system became prevalent with the invention of the postal system and printed publications as spreading information around the world got easier.

With the evolving technologies, the goal of distance learning to provide equal access to education around the world has become a reality. 

Distance Learning is a convenient way of obtaining a skill, diploma, and degree for working adults.

Many private organizations and public agencies provide specialized training for their employees through distance learning programs. Students can take an extra online course apart from their academic studies to build skills for their careers. 

Distance Learning provides a flexible study schedule and eliminates the struggle of commuting. It gives the opportunity to have one-to-one learning sessions and discussions with the instructors. Those who can’t afford the cost of traditional education can opt for distance learning as it reduces the overall study expenses. 

Distance Learning helps to develop time management skills as students have to complete their tasks before the deadline which also makes them self-disciplined.

Students also get to create global networking as the learning is not limited to local institutions, they can take an online course on any subject and learn from experts from any part of the world.

Distance Learning also provides a convenient study environment for disabled students who might prefer to complete the study at their own pace.

Teaching Methods of Distance Learning 

  • Distance Learning accommodates different learning styles as each student learns differently. Some students prefer visual study materials while some students benefit from auditory study materials.
  • Distance Learning utilises the full potential of multimedia while delivering the courses to the students. The use of multimedia such as videos, audio clips, presentations and interactive quizzes make the study materials more interesting and engaging.
  • Most of the students of Distance Learning are adults who want to study on their own terms and distance education provides that self-directed learning opportunity. Students take responsibility for their own tasks and get the freedom to explore the contents of the subject at their own pace.
  • Distance Learning creates a space to give unique learning experiences to the students from the traditional classroom. Online courses are more creative and provide additional resources for more exploration which help to grab the attention of the students for a longer time and to keep them engaging throughout the class. 
  • Distance Learning uses reliable and institution supported online platforms to deliver the courses to the students to make their learning experience easier and pleasant, and keep the records of the courses on that online platform so that students can review them later. 
  • The online platforms of distance learning also help to build a community of diverse people where students get the opportunity to have interaction with the faculty and their peers, and to ask queries. Students also conduct group works on the online forums, chat on the discussion board and get the chance to build global networking. 


Distance learning is a great way to pursue a degree, and many students prefer this method because of the flexibility and affordability it offers. Some distance learning students choose to attend an actual campus or satellite campus; others stay at home or in an area not near a college or university. It is important to know that distance learning classes are just as rigorous as any traditional on-campus class.

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