Is Limestone college online degree worth it? 

Is Limestone college online degree worth it? It is one of the most important questions to consider when it comes to pursuing an online education. Many entrepreneurs have turned to technology in recent years to advance their careers, and, with its convenience and flexibility, is the logical next step for someone looking to further their education.

Is Limestone college online degree worth it
Is Limestone college’s online degree worth it?

Subjects like public policy, math, nursing, and business are frequently taught online, but some people prefer the classroom environment. Most schools tout the advantages of online education, but the question remains: is it really worth it?

There are some undeniable benefits that come with earning an online degree. For example, students typically save on travel expenses by taking classes online. Some programs offer tuition assistance for veterans and reservists, allowing them to pursue an education without breaking the bank. Students also save on rent by not having to commute to campus every day or having to find on-campus housing.

Limestone College, established in 1845, is the first women’s college in South Carolina and one of the state’s major private accredited colleges. 

It is needless to say that online courses are a good solution for working adults who want to finish their college education but are struggling to balance their professional and personal lives.

Limestone College recognizes the need of maintaining the balance and offers a wide range of options of online degree programs for those working professionals to continue their education while being present for their work & family. 

Through its Online and Evening options, Limestone College provides an opportunity for the students to get the same study content as the traditional program and achieve a fully authorized degree with the flexibility and comfort of their home.

A Variety of Online Degree programs

Students get a lot of alternatives to choose their online degree from Limestone College with its Associate, Bachelor, and Master degree programs. 

Associate’s Degree:

Business Administration 

Business Administration (General) Associate of Arts degree includes Finance and Economics courses. This program assists the students to begin their professional career at entry-level in business administration and management. 

Computer Science 

This program has two concentrations, one in Information Technology and the other one in Programming.

Students learn about Microcomputer Applications, Basic concepts of the Internet and World Wide Web, Operating Systems, and Network Fundamentals along with other Programming concentration courses in this program.

It helps to get a career into the educational field and also creates entry-level job opportunities such as database administrator, software programmer, software engineer and analyst, project manager, system manager, and application developer.

Liberal Studies

This program offers a variety of study courses which includes mathematics, biology,  physical sciences, social sciences,  arts, and humanities.

The interdisciplinary and flexible nature of this program creates different career opportunities in the field of journalism,  publications, business, government, and entertainment. 

Bachelor’s Degree:

Bachelor of Business Administration 

The BBA program of Limestone College offers a wide range of concentrations that includes accounting, finance, management, economics, marketing, and law. The program prepares the students with important conceptual and practical skills which are demanding in today’s job market.

The online program contains the same coursework as the traditional curriculum and offers the flexibility to study at any time through the College’s online learning system. The program’s educators are accessible for consultations during virtual office hours. It offers online students a total of eight-week terms and eligibility to transfer credits. 

Bachelor of Computer Science 

The program provides the online learners with three concentrations in Programming, Computer and Information Systems Security, and Information Technology. It creates career paths for the students in IT departments at both private and public government institutions. 

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice 

The curriculum is an interdisciplinary study of law enforcement, judicial courts, and correctional systems.

It prepares the students at the intermediate level for job opportunities as a justice practitioner, correction officer, private investigator, federal agent, police officer, insurance investigator, security officer, and manager. 

Bachelor of Science in Human Resources 

HR makes a huge impact on the development of the employees’ skills and performance which ultimately affects the organization’s productivity and growth.

BS in Human Resources has two concentrations for the students, one in Management and the other one in Training and Development.

The program guideline is developed by the Society of Human Resource Management  (SHRM).

Bachelor of Social Work 

Social workers play an important role in bringing positive social changes, economic justice for the vulnerable, and promoting social well-being. 

The program prepares the students with social work values, ethics, critical thinking, and competency so they can enhance the quality of life, especially for vulnerable individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, identity, and other diversity.

This online degree can be used in a variety of fields which includes health care, anti-poverty programs, domestic violence counselor, substance abuse counselor, mental health worker, and more. 

Health Care Administration and Nursing

Health Care Administration degree is available for those students who want to pursue a career in the various fields related to a healthcare system that includes health care policy, health care quality, finance, information systems, and economics.

Limestone College also provides Registered Nurses with an opportunity to collect a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

Liberal Studies 

This is the most flexible major program of Limestone College. Students who prefer more flexibility in their studies can choose this major program to graduate. The interdisciplinary program contains various courses through different departments of the College including mathematics, biology, physics, social sciences, arts, and humanities. 


This major allows the students to learn about the theories and science of mind and behavior, individual and group behavior, environmental behavior, and the treatment of behavior problems and disorders. It offers the background to build a career in the fields of medicine, law, education, and human resources. 

Master’s Degree:

Master of Business Administration 

The MBA program offers Management & Leadership concentration and Health Care Administration Concentration. The curriculum offers students to gain knowledge in accounting, finance, management, leadership, organizational management, and quality management. It creates skills in decision-making,  leadership,  problem-solving, and teamwork. The program consists of a total of 12 classes (36 hours).

Master of Social Work

This curriculum seeks to provide the students with professional self-awareness, knowledge of human diversity, social work values, ethics, and interpersonal skills to make an impact on social & economic justice. It offers professional careers in the field of  Social Services, Health Care, Criminal Justice, and Psychology.

Master of Science in Health Informatics

The program aims to prepare leaders and innovators in the fastest-growing field of health informatics which comes under information technology and computer science. The importance of collecting correct data and information is huge for the improvement of the healthcare system.

The experimental and research-based classes of this program create employment opportunities such as Chief Information Officer, Medical Information Officer, Clinical Analyst, Information Resource Manager, Health Information Management Director, Health Information System Application Designer,  Healthcare Programmer, and Information Technology Consultant. 

Advantages of obtaining Limestone College Online Degree 

  • Students get the opportunity to study at their own flexible time with full access to the same material as those in the traditional program, full-time faculty, tutoring opportunities, student advising, career assistance and professional development, and the long-established heritage of the traditional campus. 
  • Online classes are tailored for adult and working professionals. All the online courses are offered in 8-week terms per year with the option to take two courses each term (36 semester hours per year) which gives a benefit to the students to complete their degree much faster than the traditional program that contains 16-week terms. 
  • Limestone College has five convenient Student Service Centers around South Carolina that offer Online Program staff and individualized learning to the students. 
  • Recorded and archived lectures are readily available online with the same quality as traditional learning so students can review those lecture materials at their own convenience.
  • The innovative curriculum of the online degree creates opportunities for the online learners to broaden their perspectives through interaction with people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries, and with experienced faculty members. 

The financial cost of Online Degree programs 

Its average undergraduate program tuition at Limestone College is $26,300 and the fee of an Online Bachelor’s Degree is $1,050 per credit hour. The average graduate program tuition is $12,500 and the fee of Online Master’s Degrees is $650 per credit hour.

The average financial aid package offered by Limestone College is $29,914 and they also offer scholarships and grants, military discounts on tuition fees, and transfer policy for previous college credit. 

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