Is the Oregon State University Online Computer Science Worth It?

What do you think is the Oregon State University Online Computer Science degree worth it? Let’s find the answer.

Oregon State University Online Computer Science
Oregon State University Online Computer Science

Oregon State University is a well-regarded public university in Corvallis, Oregon. Corvallis’ city culture makes it a perfect location for learners who experience numerous educational and amusement opportunities.

Computer science is one of the majors offered by Oregon State University’s computer and information sciences program. Computer science is used in nearly every industry on the planet. At Oregon State University E-campus, they provide students with engaging and inclusive online programs representing the progress in coding and growth.

An Oregon State computer science degree will prepare you to evaluate medical information, build robots, construct artificial intelligence, process web traffic, fight cybercrime, and far more.

Online Computer Science Degree

A bachelor’s degree in computer science can lead to work in the software industry, as well as other fields such as healthcare services, business, science, medicine, technology, appliances, and education.

For active working students who have scheduling issues and would like to learn on their schedule, online courses are a great choice. Presume more online learning opportunities to become accessible as time progresses on.

Oregon State University’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers an online computer science degree that prepares students to be competent and ethical practitioners. The school offers many elevated computer science programs, including a B.S. in computer science, Computer Science Postbaccalaureate Degree, Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity, Computer Science – Online Minor.

Online Computer Science Postbaccalaureate Degree

Oregon State University’s online postbaccalaureate computer science curriculum is exceptional in its flexibility. You do not need any prior computer science experience if you have a bachelor’s degree in another area. You can choose from a wide range of courses, including parallel programming, cloud software development, cybersecurity, open-source engineering, networking, mobile software development, ethics, independent project work, and usability engineering.

To graduate, you must complete 60 credits of computer science courses. Except for the appropriate courses and CS 410, you must obtain 12 credits of courses from among the many CS 300-400 level courses available online. The software can be customized to your specific preferences, job ambitions, and life circumstances.

B.S. in Computer Science

The online B.S. in computer science includes an applied computer science alternative that allows the student to create their personalized program in the field of security. Computer design and programming, database systems, algorithms, and logic and computation are all covered in depth in this curriculum.

Courses and specializations in fields such as transferring data, software development, operating systems, and network security are often available to students. Students interested in philosophy may want to look into computation theory, knowledge theory, or human-computer interaction. Others can choose to specialize in artificial intelligence, real-time computation, or computer animation.

Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

The Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity from Oregon State University will train you for jobs as a cybersecurity researcher, cybersecurity engineer, information security specialist, or protection administrator.

Furthermore, these capabilities will allow you to perform other occupations, like software engineer and specifications analyst, with greater proficiency and a decreased incidence of introducing security vulnerabilities that endanger users, employees, and livelihoods. This curriculum necessitates 27 credits, one of which is an elective.

Computer Science – Online Minor

Obtaining a computer science minor online from Oregon State would give you a leg up on your competition in the employment market. From industry and academia to environmental sciences and health services, this curriculum offers a wealth of expertise and skills which are in fierce competition in virtually every sector.

Benefits of Oregon State University Online Computer Science

  • OSU’s world-class faculty design the program curriculum recognized for their research, experience, and creativity. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has granted Oregon State regional accreditation.
  • By providing high-quality initiatives that encourage continuous learning and a community spirit, Oregon State University helps students become responsible and ethical practitioners.
  • You will have access to various professional tools as an Oregon State University student, like student societies, undergraduate research facilities, financial aid, as well as other career counseling.
  • As per U.S. News & World Report, Oregon State E-campus is regularly ranked among the nation’s top 10 online learning providers.
  • Students will get the same credential and transcripts as on-campus OSU participants as Oregon State Ecampus students.
  • You will be well-prepared to enroll in graduate school after earning your computer science degree online from Oregon State. Numerous program graduates go straight to graduate school after finishing their bachelor’s degree, while others get a job right away and go to graduate school at the same time.
  • Oregon State distinguishes itself by organizing a famous and profitable computer science career showcase in Portland, Oregon, twice a year. This event brings together E-campus computer science students and future employers such as Google, Intel, IBM, and HP. Small-group meetings and events provide a chance to engage with program faculty, administrators, and fellow students.

How Much Will Oregon State University Online Computer Science Cost?

Oregon State University’s online B.S. in Computer Science will take four years and 180 credits to complete. Each credit costs $386. The postbaccalaureate computer science online program at Oregon State University needs 60 credits, each of which costs $527. The 28-credit online Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity charges $527 per credit.

Career Progress through Oregon State University Online Computer Science

Oregon State’s online computer science curriculum focuses on career preparation and business relations, giving you the knowledge, you need to succeed in the workplace and the contacts you need to land a prestigious position with in-demand corporations.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence (BI) analysts convert data into useful information that generates business performance. They examine data to create financial and business intelligence reports. These reports are used to recognize trends and developments in a business that could affect the business’s performance and long-term objectives.

A bachelor’s degree in statistics, computer science, business management, or a similar field is required for business intelligence analysts. Several business intelligence analysts chose to receive a Master of Business Administration to expand their career options and generate more revenue.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a person who works in the fields of computer science, statistics, and mathematics. They view the effects of data analysis, processing, and modeling to construct actionable strategies for businesses and other organizations. A bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics is typically required for Data Analyst positions.

Information Security Analyst

To secure computer networks, information security analysts install applications like firewalls. They devise and implement security precautions to protect a company’s computer systems and networks. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information assurance, programming, or a similar field is typically needed.

Software Developer

Usually, software developers consider consumers’ needs before designing, testing, and developing software to satisfy those needs, as well as recommending software updates for customers’ current programs and systems.

They also prepare how each component of an application or framework will interact with one another. The conventional minimum degree favored by employers is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar area.

Network Engineer

Network engineers are in charge of constructing and managing the computer networks that businesses and organizations depend on daily.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related area, as well as 5-10 years of network administration knowledge, are usually required of network engineers. To work as a network engineer, you will need a bachelor’s degree and a voluntary credential.

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