Is e-learning good for the education system and society?

Is e-learning good for the education system and society? The answer to this question can only be found through the impact of E-learning on students and teachers. E-learning has revolutionized the traditional educational system.

Is e-learning good for the education system and society
Is e-learning good for the education system and society

There may be difficulty in comprehending the concept of moving away from the conventional classrooms and using the Internet for educational purposes, but it is no longer unthinkable. In fact, the restrictions on physical movement due to COVID-19 have transformed online learning into a valid and efficient learning method.

E-learning was already popular with online learning software, language learning apps, and video tutoring tools before the pandemic. The widespread use of online learning has contributed to a large degree to the improvement in communication skills, digital literacy, and collaborative abilities.

Using technology to study has been a convenient method of learning for students. E-learning has made it easier to connect with people around the globe and to be a part of the global community. It has also created opportunities to make the education system more innovative and effective.

Even though E-learning has made a stronghold in the educational sphere, it comes with its own set of drawbacks.

The Advantages of Online Learning

There are a number of benefits of e-learning, which have contributed to the increase of online course enrollment over the years.

The flexibility

With online learning, you get the opportunity to set your own schedule for study. Based on your own learning pace, you can study whenever it is convenient for you.

As many students juggle their work and studies, online learning offers them a way to find some balance. Maintaining that work-study balance helps to develop time management skills and self-discipline as well.

The Accessibility

Online education provides the opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world. All learning materials are available on the internet all the time so you can access them at any time. It saves the time of commuting or following a rigid schedule.

You can study at any reputable educational institution in the world via the internet without bearing travel expenses.

The Affordability

Online learning is more cost-effective than traditional education. It provides multiple payment options where you can pay in installments. Many online learning platforms offer discounts and scholarships for their courses. You can save money from commuting and study materials through online courses.

Quick and Easy

With the growing technology, online learning platforms have opted for innovative learning methods to keep the learning process as simple and as fast as possible. One of the reasons why many students prefer online learning is that it saves time and energy compared to in-person learning systems.

Online examination, access to e-library, availability of learning materials on the internet have made education more efficient and advanced.

Wide Range of Programs

The vast expanse called the Internet provides an infinite amount of subjects and skills to learn and teach. Many universities and colleges are offering online courses of their programs and of the subjects which are not available in their traditional curriculum. You can obtain an online degree in any subject of your interest along with your academic degree.

Customized Learning

E-learning provides you with a more dynamic learning experience. The utilization of multimedia makes online learning more effective and engaging. You can study through diverse learning materials like videos, audio clips, presentations, blogs, e-books, chats, and discussion forums.

Global Networking

Online learning creates a platform where learners and instructors from different parts of the world gather at the same place, at the same time. It gives you an opportunity to create global connections with people who share the same interests. This kind of opportunity can be rarely found in the traditional learning environment.

The Disadvantages of Online Learning

Even though online education has brought a revolutionary change in the education system, its drawbacks cannot be ignored.

Lack of Accreditation

It is important to check the accreditation of an online program. Obtaining a degree or certificate through online learning platforms will be a pointless effort if there is no accreditation.

Numerous unaccredited online learning platforms exist on the internet with no quality assurance. You can easily find the online program’s information on the website before you enroll.

Lack of Face-to-face Interaction

The E-learning system lacks interpersonal interaction, social interaction, and supportive interaction which can only take place in the in-person learning environment. It may not be obvious to students, but face-to-face interaction with teachers and classmates is vital to their development.


Online education creates an independent learning habit among the students but it also creates a sense of isolation. The lack of physical interaction and group activities with peers and teachers can make some students feel isolated.

Intense Self-direction

Online learning provides an easy learning process that makes it possible for students to learn on their own and guide themselves through the entire program. However, if you are pursuing an online degree you may not get the opportunity to meet the advisors for proper guidance like in traditional degree programs.

Due to the independent nature of E-learning, it requires a great deal of motivation and self-discipline, which can be challenging.

Network & Technology Issues

The breakdown of internet connection is the biggest disadvantage of E-learning. Though developed countries are running online classes smoothly, many developed and poor countries are still struggling with decent internet speed.

Students and teachers in small cities and villages have no other option but to continue learning in traditional classrooms as they do not have the access to advanced technologies.

The Effects of E-learning

E-learning provides education through different mediums such as web-based learning, virtual classroom, mobile-based learning, e-books, and so on. It has made the education system more diverse. Many educational institutions are offering online courses and digital equipment to their students.

According to research, students could get access to 25-60% more study materials in online platforms compared to traditional classrooms. Moreover, E-learning allows students to study at their own pace, saving 40-60% of their learning time.

Education through e-learning is helping students and teachers cultivate self-discipline, adaptability, time management skills, and critical thinking skills.

Furthermore, e-learning is assisting the development of digital skills in our society, which is a necessity given the prevalence of technology. Online education is creating a smarter society that is aware of the latest trends and technological developments.

The benefits of E-learning in our education system and society outweighs its drawbacks. It has been a few years since online learning rose to popularity, which means that it could still be improved. Educational researchers are finding solutions for the challenges of E-learning.

With the correct technology integration, E-learning can blend in with traditional learning and enhance the educational experience. What do you think is e-learning good for the education system and society?

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