What is an online master’s degree in African American studies?

Are you planning to earn a degree in online master’s degree in African American studies? African American Studies is an inter-disciplinary technique that uses study and teaching methods that apply across the fields to the African continent.

online master’s degree in African American studies
online master’s degree in African American studies

Graduate school for the M.A. in African-American studies needs two years of full-time study. Students who expect to be teaching or working in a high school, university, or as a journalist in international relations, public history, or museum, or services may also be interested in pursuing African American studies.

An online master’s degree in African American studies combines both substantive and language studies. The interdisciplinary focus of the curriculum is one of the program’s signature characteristics.

A candidate should be capable of continuing to educate himself or herself during her or his or her career. A wide range of experiences in this area allows the graduate to catch up easily with newly learned knowledge and techniques.

For African-American populations, the program focuses on both internal and external influences. Continuity and transition in African societies are brought up in necessary and elective courses because of their effect on past and present world cultures. 

Benefits of earning online master’s degree in African American studies

  • In the discipline of African American Studies, students are introduced to advanced debates, analysis, concepts, and theoretical perspectives.
  • These education programs provide instruction to those seeking work in both the private and government sectors.
  •  It promotes those who want to seek the final graduate degrees. The African-American studies, the program emphasizes general ideas in the humanities and social sciences.
  • It gives you critical thought with spoken and written communication skills to carry out several positions in African American history. You’ll have an advantage in the social-worker job market as a result of your new job training as an ethnic welfare assistant or ethnic liaison. Many previous students from this program have ended up as journalists, social policy specialists, and social justice advocates.
  • The MA is meant to prepare students to scrutinize cross-cultural interaction and the historical backgrounds of race, power, as well as cross-disciplinary study. It’s another opportunity for students to acquire an advanced understanding and advanced-level analysis of diversity that empowers them to realize their higher professional and academic goals
  • The course concentrates on how people of African descent in the rest of the world have seen and understand Africa through their creative and academic endeavors.

Admission Requirements for M.A in African American Studies

Master’s degree candidates must have earned a bachelor’s degree. Many minority studies programs also need a 3.0 or better overall average GPA. Expect to include both undergraduate and postgraduate jobs. Most graduate programs require a personal statement and 3 to 5 letters of recommendation. Your recent scores from the GRE will be needed.

There are African American studies master’s degree programs in several colleges and universities. Bachelor’s degree applicants are generally required to have a GPA of 2.0, although other subjects such as women’s and African American history are optional.

Some Major Courses in Online M.A in African American Studies

African American Art and Literature

But, you could explore and discuss the creative work of African Americans and their ethnic identities in this course. There are many writers to choose from or specific media for the analysis of jazz, such as, such as biographies, recordings, interviews, and analyses. This kind, of course, is valuable for students who want to pursue a master’s degree in literature and the arts.

African American History

Race relations are on black people. Interdisciplinary research on the history of the African American experience in the US can be discovered through these courses. As well as courses that examine a particular area of African-American history or introduce how African-American culture has changed over time, you might be interested in those.

Women’s Studies

The Study of women in Women’s Studies will explore their roles within society as well as gender identity Courses in African American history, life experiences, as well as those of African-American women, are particularly taught in African studies programs. You can explore the literature of various periods, women’s movements, as well as timeframes for particular women’s rights campaigns in history, in these courses.

African Studies

The study of the culture and community of Africa is known as African studies. There is coursework required for African American programs in this area to offer students a greater understanding of the various aspects of African American identity. History and Geography may be covered in basic surveys of Africa, while artists, political philosophies, and movements may take on additional topics from one particular country to another.

Political Science

In this course, you’ll compare and contrast various approaches to the study of politics in the African American community, which will allow you to examine politics within the African American community. You may study the theories and activities of African-American political activism or look at how specific African countries work politically.

Career Progress Through This Course

Many online master’s degrees in African American studies provide highly practical skills applicable to several professions. In-knowledge of cultural and historical experiences as well as social and economic problems, a deep appreciation of diversity.

Many African American Studies majors have gone on to graduate school and carved for themselves influential careers in a variety of fields, including law, the performing arts, international affairs, religion, politics, education, and business.

Having completed the African American Master’s degree, African American graduates have more potential job options in the fields of social work, law, and higher education. Online master’s degrees in African American studies can lead to several careers, some less likely than others. Many careers requiring training in the liberal arts, for example, require additional study beyond a bachelor’s degree.

Some Universities That Offer Online M.A in African American Studies

  1. Boston University
  2. Temple University
  3. Yale University
  4. University of Texas
  5. Morgan State University
  6. Morgan State University
  7. Columbia University
  8. The University of Kansas
  9. University of Houston
  10. Ohio University

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